Mastered TF

You are ready to unleash your inner alchemist and energy master.

But you don’t know where to start.

You’ve thought about learning a modality and getting a certification of some kind, ticking all the boxes set up by someone else and doing things their way.

But it doesn’t really compute because you know that what you have inside of you is bigger than that, more than that, different to that.

You weren’t put on this earth to do shit someone else’s way. Even though you’ve been considering one of these many courses on offer, you’ve been hesitant to commit to any of them because none of them feel quite right.

If only there was a way of activating and fully engaging with your own magic and expanding your understanding of yourself through the expansion of your consciousness without having to spend another 5 years or so trying to do so by trying on a hotch potch of other people’s ways of doing things and then somehow cobbling together your own from the patch work of everyone else’s.

Well. Now there is. I activate and mentor the activators and now for the very first time (officially) I am offering an experiential activation package aimed specifically at bringing you into a state of full activation and understanding of your own magical abilities, combined with ethics training and everything you need to actually bring your abilities to the people who are waiting for you to step into your power and remembrance fully.

You won’t be learning my shit. We will be opening yours up using mine as the conduit for this and taking you through how to thoroughly dismantle and clean up the many layers of crap that humans carry around with them. This will obviously include you learning how to take yourself through your own up-levels as you go, open up your bigger vision and step into it fully.

Your Clairs will expand, your abilities will too, your DNA will be activated to previously unheard of levels and reconstructed to support your expansion and evolution. You will become a master of your own energy and abilities.

This experience is bespoke and has bespoke pricing according to where you are when you begin and how the package has to be designed to fit you, because everyone is different. It will be a combination of online and in person, a hybrid program designed especially for you to fit your needs as well as how we can have the most fun along the way.

Email lys@dynamicintention or DM to apply.