Metamorphosis Intensive 1:1 Days

These in person days are held here where i live in Brighton and Hove, which is probably the most delightful setting for a fun and transformative day in the UK due to the sheer amount of things we can do during our time together. A combination of energy clearing and resetting, combined with creation work, all by the sea, including a delicious lunch at one of our local restaurants and a decent dinner (because life is made for pleasure and i don't believe that you have to suffer in order to do effective work). Other details can be arranged/included (beach box sauna, float spa, a trip to devil's dyke, we can discuss beforehand once you've booked and i'll sort out the itinerary)

Why would you want to book one of these days with me? well, let me see, you're either considering a change of direction in your life and know that you need some support with getting your energy pointed in the right direction, or there's something big that you want to get clarity on the details of and want to manifest, and you acknowledge that this is going to be a damn sight easier with the help of a wizardy alchemist such as myself, plus you know that having fun when you're sorting this stuff out is a non negotiable for you, and you appreciate my honest and direct manner and resonate with my energy. And basically you wanna hang out and have a great time AND create the result (these things are NOT mutually exclusive, in fact i'd argue that shifting your frequency up up up actually needs fun as part of the experience of your expansion).

Whilst we're doing all of this you're going to look at me as a collaborator and co-conspirator in creating the life that you want - i don't play superiors and i'm not here to guru your ass (you'll be glad to hear). My jam is more reflecting back to you who you actually are and providing much needed clarity on your blind spots, and being armed with amazingly whizzy tools in the form of the modalities that i have created which are unique, exclusive, and frankly will leave you feeling bright as a new penny.

Old stories will be gone by the time we're done, at all levels and throughout all layers of you, leaving you a fully aligned match for whatever the fuck it is that you're setting your sights on.

And last but not least, you will receive 3 months membership to the Quantum Creation Group to brush up your quantum creation skills so that you are armed with tools of your own for your onward journey, as part of your package, because who wouldn't want that?

This full day extravaganza is POA and includes lunch, dinner and activities. It does not include transport or accommodation which you are responsible for (but i can make excellent recommendations if you so desire).

To apply for your Metamorphosis experience simply send me an email to telling me a bit about yourself, your situation and what it is that you wish to achieve and we can go from there. I look forwards to talking to you