Money Blast


Archive sale down from $333 to $99. Being archived on Friday 20th September

This Money Blast mp3 utilises Power Blast Energy Technology, my new modality which is the equivalent of energetic dynamite for blocks, restrictions and resistance which are causing issues (in this case with Money).

The energy work contained in this mp3 not only deals directly with money blocks themselves but also any personal to you side issues you are holding which aren’t directly related to money but are affecting it (very often it’s side stuff causing the problems). It also activates what needs activating at the same time.

The work contained within is personalised to you in this context, because of the way I make my recordings.

I do recommend that you also consider activating your DNA and clearing the seals etc using the Truth 12-48 Strand DNA Activation which is also available here in the shop, for best and most lasting results with all of my work.

And last but not least - if you are wanting to do dedicated personal work on other subjects I am now offering 1:1 single sessions either remotely or on a call. You can read more about them here: or

The following review is from the first client I used this modality with:-

‘Power Blasting Technology is the way to go if you're tired of clearing layers and layers of blocks, dysfunction and crazy entanglements on all energy levels. I got Lys working with me for 15 min tops, and then series of understanding were dropping in my consciousness, my clairaudience improved massively along with a "flu" that tuned up my ears, more power came rapidly to integration along with the "instructions manual". If there is anything that you feel you need to do and quite ponder on the course of action...well, let's say any relationship that keeps you stuck and lingering in the old paradigm will be washed away. All my men disappeared in matters of hours, and it made room for a different lifestyle. I have to say working with Lys has provided the food for my soul in terms of understanding and being able to do my own energy work, along with some ass kicking. If you're one of those who want it fast, and don't bother about details, it will work as quick as a blink... if you're like me and want to know it all... you're in for some serious schooling. Either way, as I've said it before, you never know what to expect, but definitely getting what you need! I do recommend following your first instinct, work with her, it will pay back multiplied by infinite. Plus, there are so many gifts in this, so do yourselves a favour and stop waisting time and energy on halfway solutions’