Money Magic App Pack


This pack contains three highly sophisticated apps which are downloaded and installed into you via the three audio recordings. This brand new energy work is a cutting edge advance in the way that i am developing both my digital work and the more personally tailored 1:1 work that i do now. There is literally NOTHING like it on the market, and it is the most efficient and fast way to create new realities

Perception Expansion literally opens up your perception via your central nervous system and continues to run if you activate daily through command (you only need LISTEN once, after that, it's just a command to run daily)so that you can perceive and receive what is being created even when you're clearing through whatever needs dealing with. Go from tunnel vision to wideview!!!

The Money Maker generates ongoing inspiration for creating money and financial opportunity in ways which serve your highest good and the highest good of humanity (clean, ethical and beneficial for all) and clears out anything standing in the way of you not only acting on these inspirations but also receiving the benefits of them when you have given them form. It literally changes the way you think when it comes to lack so you'll actually find yourself resistant to lackful ways of being, saying and doing, choosing expressions based on prosperity naturally instead. Because of the way this work works, you never need listen to the audio again after the first time, but you do need to command to activate the apps each day, much like turning on notifications on your phone, so that they will do their thing in the background.

The Money Magnet acts as literally that bringing money into your reality from the ethers in whatever way it wants to come and ensuring that your central nervous system and perceptive faculties are able to perceive it in your reality. Once again, this needs activating every day with a simple command to your higher self to activate it. Because of the way these apps work (my own special unique design) they deal with your programming if it is obstructive in any way so that you get to experience financial flow on a daily basis provided you are switching them on.