Cream of Uber-Garlic Soup.

If you’re anything like me you may well have a glut of garlic (I have a regular order with our local organic veg box delivery company Bristol Veg Boxes) which needs using up. This soup is perfect for getting through some of the glut and making something utterly delicious which is also perfect for feeding to anyone who is susceptible to colds (I am so healthy nowadays that this isn’t a concern for me). In fact one of the things that prompted me to create this recipe was a couple of my friends postponing social stuff with me as they have come down with change of season colds. Garlic is a great cleanser and tastes amazing (in my opinion). It’s pretty healthy either with or without the cream, I like to add cream to mine as I like the texture it gives and I always make sure that I buy ethical dairy produce. You can leave it out and it won’t make a difference to the flavour particularly.


I tbsp coconut oil
3 green onions
3.5 bulbs of garlic
2 litres of vegetable or chicken stock
1 large or two medium sized carrots
2 small floury potatoes
Seasoning (to taste)
Large dash organic double cream (optional)


Taking a suitable sized saucepan or casserole, place on a medium heat and melt the coconut oil (unless you’re living in a hot climate in which case it’ll already be liquid). Peel, halve, top and tail and thinly slice the onions and add to the pan, stirring regularly to sweat the onions off. Using a large knife separate all of the garlic cloves and flatten them to remove the skins, chopping 6 of them roughly and adding to the pan with the onions. Keep the rest of the garlic cloves whole once you have peeled them. Peel, top and tail the carrot, but leave whole. Peel and dice the potatoes. When the onions and chopped garlic are looking translucent and soft and starting to smell a little sweeter, add all of the whole cloves, the chopped potatoes and the whole carrots to the pot. Pour in the stock and bring to a simmer. Simmer for half an hour or so, until all of the whole cloves are soft, the potatoes are crumbling and the carrots are cooked through. Remove the carrots with a pair of tongues and put to one side, take the pan off the heat and then blend using either a stick blender or in a decent blender. Pour the soup back into the pan, place back on heat, add cream if using, and seasoning to taste. Heat for a couple of minutes and serve by dishing into bowls, and then slicing the cooked carrots and sharing them out between each bowl.