One and Done

One of my great disillusionments with the personal development world as a whole has always been that the majority of the work out there seems to be based on a co-dependent model of behaviour which reinforces lack, encourages guru worship and basically sets people up to only succeed in the short term, only to be beset by yet more failure soon after because the work done is incomplete, lacks thoroughness, doesn't deal with everything that needs dealing with (and fails to teach how to self manage because it is not getting to the absolute crux of self mastery which is learning how to work with and manage your own energy efficiently). I have lost count of the amount of times i have heard people claiming that growth is hard, that you will need to revisit them again and again over a period of a year or more in order to really get anywhere, that it is 'just not possible' to do a one and done. And something inside of me, hearing all these things recognised the bullshit for what it is and said 'i know that one and done is possible, i know that if i am working on a proper one to one basis with someone that i will not ever feel happy if they actually have to come back to me for more work after our time together has finished, i know that i will not feel satisfied if i have people hanging off me and worshipping me because my main aim in life is to see people step into their own power and wield it wisely and effectively'.

And so i set out on a journey of my own to bring through what needed to be brought through in order to turn this absolute knowing of mine into tools which create the desired result. It's taken me 4 years to reach this point (in terms of me really focusing, you could argue that it's taken me millions of years to get to this point, with much trial and error lol). 4 years of working on myself day in and day out, testing, delving, understanding, and pulling shit to pieces like an obsessive engineer seeking to take the existing model of human and reality and improve both to model 3.0 (bet you didn't realise there was a human 1.0 before we got to humanity's current state, did you?). It has meant a good deal of back and forth for me, as i am non-linear in my own self discovery as well as the way that i create. The reason i do all this is so that the clients i choose to work with in depth one to one don't have to spend 4 years on it. As an innovator i tread the untrod path so that those who wish to make their lives easier can have a shortcut born of my willingness to do the work in such great detail first and develop tools which deliver everything much much faster. As such this work is highly valuable to those who wish to do it, and this is why i am picky about who i work with and i charge accordingly.

From my point of view as a client who wishes to do this work with me you need to be fully committed and ready for intensity. This means being prepared to either travel to where i am and stay with me in person for 3 days initially before we go into the follow up work, or have me to travel to you or a location of your choosing where we can both meet and have the 3 days there. We then follow up for whatever length of time is necessary to ensure that everything is dealt with and that you are not only where you need to be energetically but that you have the tools to continue on without needing to come back to me as a client. Of course, if you want to get involved in a group experiential adventure after this, or we should decide that we would want to collaborate on something together, that is an entirely separate matter. The whole point is that you won't NEED to

The fact that you are you and you are where you are right now for a reason (usually many many reasons) means that we would need to look at how long your time with me needs to be in order to be fully effective. It could be as short as 4 weeks, and as long as 10. So this is factored in.

It doesn't really matter to me what field you are currently in. The key points are that you have a creative spark that is either being used but could be so much more powerful, or it's currently untouched and needs waking up, and that you are prepared to fully invest in yourself and commit to yourself, no excuses, no expecting to be carried. All successful work is a co-creation, a partnership, and if you do not understand this fully then we are not a fit. And also, of course, that you are ready to be intense because this is how i work best

If all of this is pulling you forwards it's time for us to talk. I prefer when people are financially prepared so you will need to have a minimum of $10k ready to put down on this (it may be more, depending on how long the work needs to go on for, but the initial payment would be this and there would be a second instalment required if it's necessary). If you have gotten this far and you are stumped by the money please note that i have group programs available which may be more suitable for your financial circumstances, for example 'Make Money Your Bitch' which you can find a link to in the main menu above. At the end of the day there's no excuse not to get started right where you are, so money is never an acceptable excuse for not taking the action you know you need to in order to move forwards, unless you actually don't really want what you say you do. It's just a question of asking yourself 'is it more important to me to stay where i am or to take any action that will help me to shift and keep taking it?'. If it's taking action that is your answer, then you know what you need to do. I'm just here to confirm it for you. And if not, then no amount of anything i can do will shift anything for you because you're not ready to move yet.

If you are actually ready, it's time for you to email me. Or look at my group offers. Your choice. You can contact me directly via