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The Passion Portal is a doorway into adventure, desire, passion, life, love, food, travel, adventure. The idea was born whilst i was still living in Mallorca, in Palma, and i realised that my zest for life, for good food, for good times with friends, amazing music, fine wine, adventure and passion in all of its forms, was not being given the attention it deserves. So i decided to remedy that. Since the initial inspiration to start a blog/vlog/podcast (it will vary depending on how i want to express each episode, after all living a life of passion means being open to doing things in the way you feel most passionate about at any given moment!), the idea has grown as i realised that i want to encompass one of my biggest passions, energy work, into the experience, and that i wanted to do this for those that really want to be involved, via a membership. And to do the whole thing in my signature playful yet powerful way.

Since coming back to the UK i have been in a cycle of tying up loose ends and launching new ventures and expressions of my art, and this is what i see as the foundation piece for the rest in fact. This is a place where you can not only engage with my work but also meet others of like mind and heart, outside of the confines of such limiting social media platforms as facebook, which serves a great purpose but can feel stifling AF as they introduce ever more rules and regulations. It's not the natural home for a rebel and freedom lover at heart (like me, and most probably you if you're reading this) and i recognise this. It is also a place where you can receive weekly activations to bring out your wild side AND your deeper sense of purpose, the one that may (or may not!!) relate to you shaking things up, changing the world, becoming a supernova who leaves a legacy. All of my work is geared towards this, but this is the place where you can make a start, or simply enhance what you've already acknowledged. The aim is to stir up your passion, by sharing mine, and if you're up for it, i'd love for you to join me.

So, if you find yourself longing to come and connect more deeply with me and my work, and with others who share your desire for adventure, passion and self development that flies in the face of conventional methods, look no further. I intend to development this membership community in new and exciting ways as we go along, to allow it to evolve as we evolve, and to always, always express my art through it. If this sounds good to you, you can join by subscribing using the button below. I will then send you an invite to the email attached to your paypal to finish sign up. Currently we run a monthly powerblast for all members which deals with current issues that you may be experiencing due to the planetary energies and your own particular reaction to them, the most recent one is STRIP, which deals with removing ALL conditioning you are carrying so that you can fully occupy your actual energy rather than emulating others.

Also, membership of the Portal provides perks that are not available outside, such as the option to book (and pay for, at a really reasonable rate) single sessions with me, which I only offer to members. As well as up to 10% discount on other 1:1 intensive packages and offline group experiences. And my flagship course 'Make Money Your Bitch' is just $500 for Portal members (currently half price on what nonmembers pay for it)

‘Hey! So since joining here (2 days?) ... huge changes afoot ... car, possibly house, husband turned 180 degrees, job looking more promising, the flock have started lambing and three buyers have contacted me for the lambs; also a reporter for small holding magazine wants to phone interview me about the flock! Wowzer. Thankyou Passion Ellyssa!! And my Ideas have started flowing in (at 4am) ...
Seriously... 2 days!! And there’s other background changes shifting but I can’t explain it in words ... my energy has shifted and hence those around me has shifted ... what you said about ‘mirror’ is exactly 100% amazingly true and shifted so much shit. (When someone giving you shit - you said what in you are they mirroring) - review of Passion Portal from a new member, Isa

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