The Passion Portal

The Passion Portal is a doorway to the start of transformation under my guidance, a monthly subscription which gives you an initial DNA activation, monthly energy work courtesy of me, insights into my own entrepreneurial journey in the form of a blog where i share my adventures, thoughts and insights, and a place to connect with likeminded people in the form of the other members

This membership is ideal for those who want to work their way up to buying one of my apps but need a warm up first, or are looking at bringing their own passions to the forefront and turning them into a business (or maybe several!!!) and want to receive some insight into how it works by hanging out with me and the other members and getting some energetic assistance at the same time in the form of the specific monthly group downloads i prepare.

The membership is a rolling subscription so you can join and leave at will, if your payments stop, you are removed from the group, and if you want to join back up again, just sign up again, no contracts or long term commitments necessary - just come in and experience it for as long as works for you. Truly, if you've been looking for an option to work with me in a small group orientated way with a payment plan that doesn't tie you in, this is the best option. I look forwards to seeing you in there. It is held on Mighty Networks and if you sign up using the paypal link below i will add you to the network using the email address that you use for paypal.

‘Hey! So since joining here (2 days?) ... huge changes afoot ... car, possibly house, husband turned 180 degrees, job looking more promising, the flock have started lambing and three buyers have contacted me for the lambs; also a reporter for small holding magazine wants to phone interview me about the flock! Wowzer. Thankyou Passion Ellyssa!! And my Ideas have started flowing in (at 4am) ...
Seriously... 2 days!! And there’s other background changes shifting but I can’t explain it in words ... my energy has shifted and hence those around me has shifted ... what you said about ‘mirror’ is exactly 100% amazingly true and shifted so much shit. (When someone giving you shit - you said what in you are they mirroring) - review of Passion Portal from a new member, Isa

The Passion Portal Subscription