Power Blast/Business Oracle Call

Single sessions calls are hour long calls via WhatsApp designed more specifically for you if you own a business and are wishing to deal with an issue specific to this. During the course of the call you get to explain what is going on, I work with the energy to blow up and transmute whatever the issue is and activate whatever is necessary to uphold the creation of higher outcomes, and utilise my abilities as a business oracle to tap in to potential pathways for moving forwards successfully (this is very useful if you are looking at growth and expansion, particularly if you are a conscious business owner or entrepreneur who has a vision of creating massive amount of positive change on this planet).

On these calls I am literally engaging both my clair senses to read things and my alchemical abilities intensively so they do have limited availability - my aim is to make sure i am on point when doing these so prebooking is essential. Therefore you will need to email me in order to book, at which point i will arrange with you and send a payment link for the option you prefer. You can book either just the session ($435) or a session with the Reboot 10 added on ($600).

To book please email lys@dynamicintention.net