Quantum Creation: The Genius Zone Group Program

This is an ongoing monthly group subscription, a cross section between energetic training and transformational mastermind, focused on creating and activating Quantum shifts in your personal reality which are fully aligned with your soul desires and purpose, in all areas, without the use of 'new age' rituals and bargaining tools. It is also an activation for new wave soul aligned business and entrepreneurship which throws the old rules out of the window and works primarily on the energetic structures and purpose of the business(es) you are wanting to create (even if you haven't owned this yet)

We also have a group WhatsApp group so that we can communicate with each other off of Facebook and i can keep everyone up to date with when i'm going live etc.

It is the first place the Iconoclast course is available, and the follow up programs which I am currently creating, including Radical Surrender which is a groundbreaking course teaching all of the things you want to know about activating DNA, elevating genetic expression, working with timelines and the quantum field, the Akashic Records etc in a way that is not head twizzling, and will provide a foundational understanding for your own unique genus to start dropping in more fully

Membership of Quantum Creation also gives you an automatic half price discount on booking paid 1:1 work with me if you're wanting to do some individual deep dive. Currently this is the same work that is offered on the Metamorphosis 1:1 page, with 3 different options within those sessions available.

It is the place to be activated into your greater and as yet unseen abilities, your remembrance of who you actually are and what you are here for and learn how to work in the Quantum safely and effectively for yourself and with clients if you are doing client work, should you so choose. This is done from a practical and grounded perspective and is focused on efficiency and ease as well as magic and 'mysticism' (bridging the perception gap between the spiritual and the scientific through practical application of energy in a cohesive and comprehensive way that awakens your remembrance of your own hidden and locked away knowledge and wisdom around this whole subject)

You will learn how to work with energy safely for yourself, how to activate others safely, how to work with high magic for your highest good and the highest good of all without the use of rituals, ceremonies or other tools with false hierarchical structures built into them (and why these hierarchies are not in your best interests). You will learn the value of shadow work and how to dance with your shadow in such a way that you integrate it and release the shame, guilt, mistrust and fear that is trapped in it and unlock the wisdom it contains.

Quantum Creation is ideal for you if you are wanting to create changes in your reality with fun, ease and grace whilst learning/understanding more about yourself and building connection with other like minded individuals, so that you feel supported and part of a community. It is the first place where my digital work lands with the added bonus of behind the scenes understanding of what goes into the products i create and sell so that you can develop your own processes from awakened knowledge, embodied wisdom and understanding (without EVER having to say an affirmation!!! lol).

We focus on money, on relationships, on sex, on health, on business, on expression of purpose, on ideas, on creativity, on power, on gifts/abilities, on world issues and whatever else feels aligned. It is a truly expansive space, with a massive focus on forwards momentum and creating new better soul aligned infrastructure for ourselves and for bigger projects out there 'in the world'.

I show up regularly (usually several times a week) in livestreams as well as pre-recorded videos, and deliver activations, journal prompts, discussion points, 'teaching' (i think of this as kicking you up the butt to remember lol) and insights. It is genuinely one of my favourite places to deliver my work so as a member you get the benefit of that and so much more.

For anyone who has experienced and stored trauma of any kind, we deal with this in a thorough, comprehensive and clean way which honours your experiences without reimprinting them or spinning them out - lightness of touch with trauma whilst delivering big shifts and results is a speciality of mine.

If all of this is calling to you then you can sign up using the button below. It is a rolling subscription which means that you can stay or go as you please after a month, I can guarantee that you'll want to stay for longer though, unless you're truly not interested in deep diving into HOW to work with energy yourself in a supportive environment.

Once you've signed up, send a join request here https://www.facebook.com/groups/2470991726495192, stating the email address you used to pay via paypal so i recognise you.

Quantum Creation Subscription

Or you can buy 3 months in one go as a one -off payment.

3 Month Quantum Creation Membership