Quantum Creation Group Program

This is an ongoing monthly group subscription focused on creating and activating Quantum shifts in your personal reality which are fully aligned with your soul desires and purpose, in all areas.

It is also the place to be activated into your greater and as yet unseen abilities and learn how to work in the Quantum safely for yourself and with clients, should you so choose. This is done from a practical and grounded perspective and is focused on efficiency and ease as well as magic and 'mysticism' (bridging the perception gap between the spiritual and the scientific through practical application of energy in a cohesive and comprehensive way that awakens your remembrance of your own hidden and locked away knowledge and wisdom around this whole subject)

It is ideal for you if you are wanting to create changes in your reality with fun, ease and grace whilst learning more about yourself and building connection with other like minded individuals, so that you feel supported and part of a community. It is also ideal for you if you are on a tighter budget than would accommodate 1:1 work with me (yes, my 1:1 is pricey and rightly so).

Much of what goes into my self study digital work is presented in here in a different format, as there is a 'teaching/remembrance' element also which is stronger than it is in any of my self study products (which i would describe as activating self discovery as an organic thing without teaching input).

We focus on money, on relationships, on sex, on health, on business, on expression of purpose, on ideas, on creativity, on power, on gifts/abilities, on world issues and whatever else feels aligned. It is a truly expansive space.

I show up regularly (usually several times a week) in livestreams as well as pre-recorded videos, and deliver activations, journal prompts, discussion points and insights. It is genuinely one of my favourite places to deliver my work so as a member you get the benefit of that and so much more.

For anyone who has experienced and stored trauma of any kind, we deal with this in a thorough, comprehensive and clean way which honours your experiences without reimprinting them or spinning them out - lightness of touch with trauma whilst delivering big shifts and results is a speciality of mine.

If all of this is calling to you then you can sign up using the button below. It is a rolling subscription which means that you can stay or go as you please after a month, I can guarantee that you'll want to stay for longer though.

Once you've signed up, send a join request here https://www.facebook.com/groups/2470991726495192, stating the email address you used to pay via paypal so i recognise you.

Quantum Creation Group