#ReadTheCake: Diagnostic Oracle Readings



You are looking for the reasons why that inspired idea of yours is currently still just an idea and hasn't gone any further than that yet. You understand how the law of attraction works and yet for some reason even though you may have had some success with it, there's no dice on this occasion and you have a nagging feeling despite all the reassurances that 'maybe it's just not meant to be' from well meaning friends who are used to giving up on shit at the first hurdle, that yes it iS meant to be and it is something that you really want, yet, shit just isn't firing up. And you want to know WHY. As well as how you can change this. Maybe something needs tweaking? Could you be blocking it? You have done mindset work until you're practically in a dribbling heap in the corner but it's not shifting anything, although it is making you rather frustrated and annoyed because you're not used to not getting what you want, and you're not ready to throw in the towel and move onto something else giving this up as a bad idea, because something inside of you is whispering that this will not satisfy you, you need answers, you want answers, you deserve answers goddamit! Patience isn't necessarily your strong suite and you're fucked if you're going to sit around waiting for the penny to drop any longer.

The reason why shit isn't working is never because it's 'not meant for you'. It is always because there is something that is preventing it from coming to fruition inside of you that needs dealing with properly. These Hour Long Diagnostic Oracle readings are designed to not only identify the key issues that are preventing you and your business/creative venture/creation from forming but to start clearing up the issues which are preventing manifestation (do bear in mind that as they are only an hour long further work may be needed which can be arranged separately if we feel it's appropriate). They are conducted via a pre-arranged WhatsApp call and are $500. All you need to do is drop me an email to lys@dynamicintention.net once you have paid and we will arrange the time and date.

I use a combination of cards as focus tool, akashic work where necessary and my own clairs to conduct these readings along with analysis of the energy of both you and your business. Any energy work i conduct on you during the reading is deep cellular alchemy work and you may feel sleepy afterwards and require some integration time