I'm an avid foodie/chef, having taught myself how to cook at the age of just eleven (it's amazing what can happen as a result of having a parent who is just not that good at something, in this case my mother, who tried to poison me with endless caraway seeds and led me to deciding to just start doing the food stuff for myself in order to actually not feel sick lol). When i originally started Dynamic Intention I thought i would share recipes i enjoy on here, whether they're my own version of other people's (i'm always messing around with stuff to make it my own in some way) or things i have developed from scratch. I then went through a phase of feeling that this didn't fit somehow (hello attempting to be like other people...crazy!!).

Having come out of the other side of this insanity I've resurrected the original idea because creation for me spans energy, food, art, music, manifestation, and so much more). See the drop down menu from this main page and i will also attempt to stay up to date with listing anything new i add here so you can just click a relevant link. Enjoy!