Remote Power Blast Sessions

Single remote sessions are conducted live via WhatsApp and can be bought either by themselves ($175) or with Reboot 10 ($400) so that you can do ongoing clearing work on yourself afterwards on a daily basis.

These sessions are designed to sort out individual single personal issues using my Power Blast Technology (c), a modality which is essentially like energetic TNT for whatever it is directed at, going to the root of the issue and blowing it up so that it can't return, and it works across all levels and parts of you. We also activate what is necessary at the same time to uphold the new reality being created, by creating new neural pathways amongst other things. All of this is very fast and very powerful, and we get you to muscle test yourself at the beginning and the end, to ensure that everything has been dealt with which needs to be. It is an EXTREMELY efficient way of dealing with problems and creating energetic resolution for people who are bored of endless navel gazing and wish to get on with the business of actually living.

If you have multiple issues that you wish to resolve and move on powerfully from you may want to consider looking at one of the In Person Adventure options for a deeper and longer dive with lots of fun along the way, but these single sessions are designed specifically for you if you are wanting to work with me online and you are wanting rapid results.

If you are after my undivided attention and wish to talk to me on a call, you will need to book a single session call, which is an hour long. These are designed more for business clients as i utilize my abilities as a business oracle on these calls as well as the energy work described above.

To book just use the button below (both options are here, both with and without reboot). Once I have received payment i will email your paypal address with my WhatsApp details and we will either get started straight away if it is viable for both of us to do so, or pre-arrange a time and date if I am busy at that moment.

Single Remote Session