You're not here to fit in.

You're here to stand out

To break the rules

To laugh at life

To create new games

To win BIG

And to have so much fun in the process

Box ticking is not and has never been your forte

Adventure, excitement, enjoyment, fun, creation - THESE are what you're here for.

The 3 step formulas and cookie cutter strategies leave you cold. make you feel lifeless, bored, glazed over.

Success needs to be on YOUR terms. Hell, you'd rather not have it if it means being like everybody else

You KNOW that. And yet you've found yourself doing the same shit as everyone else, and much as expected, it didn't fucking work for you. Left you feeling dissatisfied, dulled, dead eyed, going through the motions, and results? What fucking results?

You want both firepower and belly laughs, deep dive and skittish play, to feel like a sexy explosive lovebomb of awesomeness, even when you're just walking down the street, in the rain.

You know that it's all an inside job. yet nothing has really touched your insides yet.

You don't want to retreat, you want to advance.

You want to go faster whilst also slowing down and smelling those roses.

You want to have your cake and eat it too.

You want to feel DELICIOUS and invincible.

And for that to last

And most of all you want to drink wine and dance like you're on fire, with me.

And possibly have a makeover to match the internal fire with external flair that shouts who you are from the rooftops

Because, well WHY THE FUCK NOT???!!!


It's time to claim it

So, you're here going, 'sign me up', now what is it that this means for you? (good question, now let's deal with the practicalities)

A 2-3 day in person intensive with me, in Bristol, staying in a gorgeous centrally located serviced apartment, roaming the city, visiting a spa, eating, drinking, (having a makeover? it's on the table if you want it), climbing out of whatever box you have squeezed yourself into, creating the vision and doing the fucking work (including energy work), all whilst doing all of this, because doing the work does not mean sitting in a room with a power point and a flip chart

A month of intensive online follow up support and all necessary tweaking so that you are left with an invincible twinkle in your eye and are taking the actions that are creating that vision of yours.

Of course Reboot 10 is part of all this. As well as your own personal recorded catalyst for ongoing va-va-voom during future uplevels, which we design around your vision

Your investment in this singular experience is slightly dependent on the fine point details you're choosing as part of the package but starts at $9000

If you are IN and have the ability to invest now, let's discuss. Email me

And if you want to know about outcomes? Well previous clients who have worked with me 1:1 have managed the following: avoiding 'certain' bankruptcy and becoming a successful trader with debts being successfully paid and income going from zero to a consistent $14k per month and growing, family reunion, evolution (growth) of healing businesses (and this includes financial growth via new clients as well as visibility), new jobs and job offers, successful house sales after previous failure, opening up to greater levels of (received) income through their chosen avenues, physical dis-ease (cancer) eradicated because we dealt wit the root issues creating it in the first place, missions clarified, gifts and abilities strengthened (including clairs), greater inner peace, harmony and self confidence, magically opening new avenues of possibility which have led to greater self actualization and higher income alongside greater happiness and sense of personal purpose (job promotions and permanent positions as well as free PR via specific press for side businesses), and that was in client containers at a much lower price point than this offering. And you know that higher touch offers taken up equal higher touch results, right? (you get what you pay for is definitely a very true statement). She or he who dares, wins. So what are you waiting for?