Shake Yo Money Maker


This piece of personally tailored energy work does a number of things and is designed for multiple uses. The first time you use it, it activates your DNA to 12 strands and removes the main seals. Once this has integrated (you'll have to muscle test to see where you're at with the integration, you'll find my muscle testing video on YouTube amongst many useful Sway test and muscle test videos by many other people), it will go on to specifically code you across however many times you need to run it (in a personally tailored for you manner) throughout all parts and levels of you so that money becomes an easy and flowing part of your experience as a creator, alchemizing whatever is getting in the way of that. It is necessary for you to take an engaged, self enquiring and interactive personal stance with this work in order to get the most out of it. If you are requiring work with built in support (to help you spot your own blind corners) from me and others i recommend that you look at upgrading to one of my group programs or even 1:1 as this support is not included with this digital purchase.

If however, you are looking for a powerful tool that will give you everything that you need energetically to create a big shift in your own life, and you enjoy going on your own inner journey without the need for hand holding, this is perfect for you.