The Shift


The Shift is an extremely powerful tool/course designed to bring you into complete alignment with and embodiment of your core so that you can experience your life within the vortex and clear away everything that is currently creating resistance to that within any part of you (including your sub and unconscious throughout your body/mind/cells).

A unique and evolutionary piece of work that alchemizes negative thinking and trauma (your thoughts shift automatically without having to try when the root causes of the negative thoughts are dealt with), opens your intuition, activates flow, brings you into not only joy but all the other states that you want to experience more of the time in relation to yourself, your life, the people around you, your finances etc. Completely rewriting the narratives you have played over and over again like a stuck record which have kept you in a groundhog day of crappy patterns that you don't prefer, in favour of a true reflection of your soul's truth, so that you can shine like a fucking star and show up drama and dysfunction and distortion free and be entirely awesome WITHOUT the effortful try hard happy thoughts surface wash and all the endless rituals. Appreciation and gratitude become the norm without even trying (what gratitude practice? You don't need one when you're fully embodying yourself without the old trauma based patterns getting in the way). It is a daily energy maintenance tool and so much more, as it creates permanent upshifts in your experience.