Here's where you can buy my digital packs for complete self study at your own pace.

Do not, under any circumstances listen to my digital recordings whilst driving or operating heavy machinery as this could be very dangerous.

Money Magic App Pack


This pack contains three highly sophisticated apps which are downloaded and installed into you via the three audio recordings. This brand new energy work is a cutting edge advance in the way that i am developing both my digital work and the more personally tailored 1:1 work that i do now. There is literally NOTHING like it on the market, and it is the most efficient and fast way to create new realities

Price: $333.00

Be A Wolf MasterClass Bundle


This bundle contains all 4 Masterclasses from the sequence that starts with 'Get Seen Get Paid', running through 'A Love Supreme', 'Hot Creations' and 'Sexy Sales'

Price: $333.00

Supercharge Yo'self Pack


You want to have good foundations.

And be and feel clear and charged UP.

Money magnet ON

Mojo ON


No seals, vows or other crapola standing in your way.

You like a bit of hustle, as well as ACTUAL flow (not the avoidance that gets dressed up as flow).

You like to be ‘in the whirlwind’

Price: $333.00

Money Blast


Archive sale down from $333 to $99. Being archived on Friday 20th September

This Money Blast mp3 utilises Power Blast Energy Technology, my new modality which is the equivalent of energetic dynamite for blocks, restrictions and resistance which are causing issues (in this case with Money).

Price: $99.00

The BURN Program: Exit The Matrix


This program is a unique and revolutionary personalised digital energetic experience. It takes you from where you currently are (wherever that may be, whether you are new to the world of energy work or a seasoned 'vet'), into a new world and game of your own conscious making, fully outside of the many layers of the Matrix. truly free to create from a place of personal soul lead integrity, free from the many types of interference, corrupt coding and viral and karmic fuckery which you are now subjected to whether you are consciously aware of these or not.

Price: $333.00

Reboot For Financial Success


Archive sale running up till midnight Friday 20th September. Down from $333 to $49

Price: $49.00

Akashic Reboot 10


This is the final version of the Reboot which is automatically updated energetically by me. You never need buy another version once you have this

Price: $333.00