Here's where you can buy my digital packs for complete self study at your own pace.

Do not, under any circumstances listen to my digital recordings whilst driving or operating heavy machinery as this could be very dangerous.

Radiate 36 Strand DNA


This is a DNA Activation, reconstruction, enhancement and upgrade. It works with your DNA and RNA, your cellular memory, your central nervous system, your energy bodies and system, your blueprints and your mental programming and neural pathways. All of it. It is specifically coded by me to activate new financial and wealth consciousness within you and dissolve old patterns, trauma and imprints completely as one of the main material benefits.

Price: $1,000.00

Akashic Reboot 8


Reboot 8 is an earlier version of the Reboot which is not as powerful, therefore it is cheaper. For those that wish to do the work and are still a little shy of investing properly, this provides a good taste of what it is about on a tighter budget. For those of you who want the most up to the minute version, which auto updates regularly (and therefore will never need replacing)i recommend that you step up to Reboot 10 which you can also find here in the shop (albeit at a higher price to reflect its immense power and value).

Price: $97.00

The BURN Program: Exit The Matrix


This program is a unique and revolutionary personalised digital energetic experience. It takes you from where you currently are (wherever that may be, whether you are new to the world of energy work or a seasoned 'vet'), into a new world and game of your own conscious making, fully outside of the many layers of the Matrix. truly free to create from a place of personal soul lead integrity, free from the many types of interference, corrupt coding and viral and karmic fuckery which you are now subjected to whether you are consciously aware of these or not.

Price: $333.00

Akashic Reboot 10


This is the final version of the Reboot which is automatically updated energetically by me. You never need buy another version once you have this

Price: $297.00