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Now is ALWAYS the perfect time for you to do the inner work with these powerful energetic tools

Do not, under any circumstances listen to my digital recordings whilst driving or operating heavy machinery as this could be very dangerous.

Unconstricted Soul


For now this is $47. I might put it up tomorrow, or not, just going for what feels aligned right now.

Price: $47.00

Electrified By Life


Transmutational power magic for your shadow shit. This piece of energy work can transform any shadow you are experiencing, sucking the power out of it and repurposing it so that you go from scared/confused/stuck/blah/bored to zingy, motivated, energised and quite possibly even horny for this little thing called life. Seriously, it's the tits for every time you're wanting to be turned on by life but just aren't.

Price: $99.00

The Daily


This piece of energy work was created because i wanted to go several steps further than the work that I produced in the Reboot and create something that, if you only ever decide to buy one piece of my work in your life, this is the one that will, when you commit to working with it daily, elevate and positively transform your experience of yourself, your energy, your life and the world on an ongoing basis, and assist you in navigating the descension as well as the ascension that is involved in truly expansive work to not only become more conscious but also more aware of your core, ho

Price: $200.00



This piece of powerful stabilising energy work is designed for daily use to both fully ground you and your intentions for the day so that you can enter each day feeling stable, confident and secure within yourself. Ideal for use during times of upheaval and change so that you can weather the shifts with more grace and inner calm, and take actions from a place of embodiment rather than anxiety or being half in half out of your body (a common issue with anyone who has undergone any kind of 'spiritual awakening' as the root can often be compromised and this deals with all that).

Price: $99.00



Do you remember what it was like to be a kid and feel utterly at one with yourself, your core and life, and utterly unconcerned about what was going on 'out there' in the world?

Price: $99.00

Baggage Drop


This piece of work was created because I wanted a tool for people who are either brand new to my work and want a no brainer intro (which at $50 it most definitely is) or are on a tighter budget and admitting that they want to help themselves and are prepared to start somewhere and work their way up to the more expensive and even more powerful pieces.

Price: $50.00



This piece of energy work is designed for daily use, to bring you into the internal state of balance, harmony, integration and transmutation of that which is not actually YOU which is represented by the Alchemical symbol of the Six Pointed Star ('As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without').

Price: $300.00

From Survive To Thrive


This powerful energetic tool can be used to move your ANY of relationships whether with people, things or situations in all areas of your life from survival mode to thrive mode like a rocket. Based on similar energetic process to that which i use in my 1:1 work it makes a great basis for self enquiry and profound transformation throughout your cells and nervous system. Can be combined with other products for even more dramatic effects - simply muscle test yourself on which others may compliment your work on yourself to find out what is best suited for you.

Price: $300.00

The Shift


The Shift is an extremely powerful tool/course designed to bring you into complete alignment with and embodiment of your core so that you can experience your life within the vortex and clear away everything that is currently creating resistance to that within any part of you (including your sub and unconscious throughout your body/mind/cells).

Price: $300.00

Deliberate Creation


This course (which i've subtitled Orgasmic Manifestation) is a solid 5 step process which is foolproof because it is based on energy work. It contains 3 pieces of energy work as mp3s, and two videos, one of which explains how to use it, the other of which explains how to muscle test.

Contents of the course are as follows:-

Price: $333.00