Here's where you can buy my digital packs for complete self study at your own pace.

Do not, under any circumstances listen to my digital recordings whilst driving or operating heavy machinery as this could be very dangerous.

Get Seen, Get Paid Masterclass


This MasterClass deals with certain dormant genes which are directly affecting your visibility, impact - ability and wealth channels.

Price: $300.00

Supercharge Yo'self Pack


You want to have good foundations.

And be and feel clear and charged UP.

Money magnet ON

Mojo ON


No seals, vows or other crapola standing in your way.

You like a bit of hustle, as well as ACTUAL flow (not the avoidance that gets dressed up as flow).

You like to be ‘in the whirlwind’

Price: $497.00

Money Blast


This Money Blast mp3 utilises Power Blast Energy Technology, my new modality which is the equivalent of energetic dynamite for blocks, restrictions and resistance which are causing issues (in this case with Money).

The energy work contained in this mp3 not only deals directly with money blocks themselves but also any personal to you side issues you are holding which aren’t directly related to money but are affecting it (very often it’s side stuff causing the problems). It also activates what needs activating at the same time.

Price: $99.00

Reboot For Financial Success


This is a very specific Reboot for a very specific purpose, namely creating financial success. It is designed to be used regularly as the changes it creates aren't permanent - they will wear off (for permanent changes, it is required for you to go deeper by using Catalysts, the digital courses I offer, or through 1:1 work with me). This is effectively a beginning step on your road to Freedom, should you wish to take it, creating grace (in this case financial) for you to take the bigger steps. This is reflected in the price I am offering this at.

Price: $50.00

Divine Masculine/Feminine Catalyst Pack


This pack is for all, both men and women. It works to catalyze your divine masculine and feminine sides to your energy (you have both) and clear up wounding and distortion. It is EXTREMELY powerful. It is recommended that you muscle test to see which to run first, and then allow proper time for integration before moving on to the second one.

Price: $199.00

Akashic Reboot 10


This is the final version of the Reboot which is automatically updated energetically by me. You never need buy another version once you have this

Price: $299.00