Slinky Dinky Hybrid App


This powerful hybrid app does many things. It activates your DNA to 36 Strands, clears the seals, repairs the strands, reconstructs and upgrades it, activates new powers which you need in order to be in full sovereign possession and control of your sexual energy, installs Quantum Antivirus, clears and dissolves sexual trauma at the root using cutting edge energy technology which is built in to the app. It has other features built in such as reboot 10 (i explain how this works in the FB group i have set up for my digital clients) and some other unique features.

It also fires up your attraction factor (did you know that sex and money are absolutely related? And not just in the way you think) so that you can be irresistible to the right people and opportunities, relationships (both platonic and sexual) and circumstances.'s an energy thang baby, and when yours is clear and on point in all the right ways you create and magnetise all of that on auto. This is done using my 360 degree transformation process through the app. Results with this are fast and you will find yourself shaking the dust off the wings you had completely forgotten are yours to fly with and feeling on top of the world after initial sloughing/purging of the crap that has been clogging you up on so many levels.

Whilst you're going through your metamorphosis you have The Incubator FB group on hand for back end support so that you don't have to feel like you're doing this on your own. In there i also share insights, exercises in creation and information which will compliment the opening of your own consciousness, because that will be happening alongside all of this.

These apps are powerful AF and i use them with my 1:1 clients also. Buying one of these is like working directly with me but without the intense personal attention, so ideal for those on a tighter budget or strapped for time due to other commitments.

I look forwards to working with you, because in actual fact if i am the person for you to do the work with you'd be crazy not to leap right now. Prices will be increasing in the New Year on all of my apps so now (as always) is the time. All you need to do is muscle test on the following statements: 'Lys is the most beneficial person for me to work with at this time in order to transform and evolve' and 'This app is my best choice'. if you get yeses on both, proceed. If you get a no on the second one, test on the other apps to see if one is better for you.