Supercharge Yo'self Pack


You want to have good foundations.

And be and feel clear and charged UP.

Money magnet ON

Mojo ON


No seals, vows or other crapola standing in your way.

You like a bit of hustle, as well as ACTUAL flow (not the avoidance that gets dressed up as flow).

You like to be ‘in the whirlwind’

You want to have actual access to your FULL potential. Alchemized, electric, fire bursting from your eyes and what you touch? Well it turns to GOLD baby.

Because that’s what you are.

It’s nothing less than what you deserve.

And the shithouse that you experienced before? Well you’re ready to kiss that bye-bye.

We start with the DNA - 36 strands on first run, then up to 72, then 108, then 144 (spaced out, muscle testing to see if you’re ready for the next jump). Opening up your bandwidth, your capacity to receive your own intuition, to access your magic. Removing the frequency jammers, the seals, the junk that get in the way, including any bloodline seals that are keeping you from the special secret magic that has been handed down but has been on lockdown. We switch your power genes ON. Sovereignty starts in the DNA and energy and it’s time to claim your Sovereign Power with this activation and catalyst

Then all the whole using the Reboot 10 to clean up the inevitable shit that comes up when your DNA gets activated. This is your daily clearing tool and integration assistant par excellence. There is NOTHING like it on the market, and it is the Dyson deluxe of all energy tools.

Money Blast to literally blow up any and all shit that is stopping you from experiencing the kind of money you desire (programs, malicious code, vows, whatever, it does the lot). And activate what is necessary for you to make the money stuff a lot easier than it has been, in a way that aligns with your core values.

Sex Bomb - a hefty dose of hell yeah for your mojo, which starts with the relationship between your internal masculine and feminine energies. This is another power blast recording and it deals with all the things that are snarling up this precious internal balance and integration. When your internal energies are enjoying their sexual chemistry then guess what happens? You external stuff starts to match, including sales mojo which is very similar to sexual attraction. You want to be sleeping with the right people, figuratively speaking, don’t you? This takes care of that. And of course who doesn’t like embodying the knowing that they are sexy AF?

Pah-POWAH!! - own it, stand in it, connect with it, express it. This isn’t about domination based on insecurity and manipulation. This is about holding your energy so skillfully and completely that your inner authority and confidence is a natural by-product. Whatever is standing in the way of this gets blasted, whatever needs activating gets switched on. BOOM!!!

Side effects of this pack - not giving a fuck what others think because you are owning your glorious powerful cheeky creative magnificent self.

Money unlocked.

Abilities switched ON.

Mojo on POINT.

Love for life - 100/10

And who knows, maybe your next move after this will be joining me for an in-person adventure or two of co-creative awesomeness?

I certainly hope so, because some of you reading this, are my future collaborators for co-creating epic shit and this right here is potentially your first step.