Here's what some of my clients have had to say about their experience working with me:-

Lys Campbell is a wizard and she'll admit it! She is a wonder to work with and magic literally follows her around. Her ability to have you create and envisage beyond what you think is possible for you and then activate it within you so that it comes into fruition is pure wizardry. Her humour along with all the healing is just as important because we are here to have fun. Lys will not allow you to get too significant with whatever may be coming up - besides she deals with it far to quickly to give you the time. My business, life and career have excelled since working with Lys and I stand in my power knowing that no one can mess with me now. I am sovereign and a powerful creator - thanks to Lys for making this clear and doing the healing work around me to clear the way for success. Don't be fooled by the sense of humour, Lys cares an awful lot too and will really nurture you throughout your experience and time working with her. Be prepared for questions that catch you off guard and are designed to make you think - These are the best ones if you ask me! I can't wait to work with Lys again! Thank you - Sarah M

‘On the path of Self discovery, one meets aspects of themselves that are buried deep within, covered by cognitive dissonance. It is through meeting these parts of oneself that one brings light into their own ignorance. For enlightenment is realized not by lighting a candle in broad daylight, but in shining light into our own deepest depths.

There are many teachers, healers, energy workers, and channelers that have provided us tools to dig deeper in reaching for that inner kingdom. Nonetheless, it appears we are at a time where we are being asked to quickly evolve and return closer to our divine blueprint, our truest Self. Therefore, through all the numerous methods and modalities present today, I believe Lys' work product is not only highly complimentary, but cutting edge. Her work is quite simple through her guided meditations that gracefully glide one into the Theta-Brain State, properly grounds one into Mother Earth, and provides the audience with powerfully felt activation and protocols, often leading to an interesting integrative process thereafter. 

Lys' work product not only will help with professional development, relationships, and abundance, but will hugely compliment your spiritual practices. Through Lys' protocols, my intuitive sensitivities and connection to Deities, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and Angels, from our global and star pantheon has increased. In addition, I have dug deeper into my own shadow, where an inner peace has been increasingly growing helping more than manage my day in the stressful life of litigating in Southern California. With substantial help from Lys' material, it's almost like I can objectively view myself now with a sense of relief on how far I've come. However, it's not like a new chapter is opening in my story. More so, it feels like I have the tools to create a whole new book, one that serves our highest and best purposes.  

The goal is to scratch away at all psychological belief systems that tend to manipulate the emotional body, which in turn often dictates the direction of our lives. To be free of such beliefs is to walk the path that we were originally designed to walk, where we remembered our connection to the Divine and to each other. If you didn't believe in or recognize your own power before, you most certainly will after working with Lys.

Thank you Lys! I'm glad to have finally found you in this lifetime.’

Amit Prakash, Esq. 

‘I have been in this course/following this program since end of April, and it has done more for me than the last 30 years of hard work on myself! Anyone who has been working on themselves and haven’t felt like they’ve grown much; I highly recommend Actualizer. It is amazing, mindblowing and finally something that gets you to your core, your purpose and leaving you as a new and improved version of you. I cannot thank you enough Ellyssa for getting this program out here’ - Stephanie

"Since starting this course my life has expanded in numerous ways and I have experienced countless positive changes. A few examples: I find it is easier to allow myself to experience lighter emotions like joy, gratitude, and silliness. I feel incredibly aurically protected and am no longer obliterated daily by everyone's emotions(which is a big deal as I am very empathic). And I also have had a lot of my victimhood consciousness blown away which allows for greater autonomy and personal responsibility. Much of these results are unique to each individual and you will get exactly what you need. ACTUALIZER is absolutely priceless in its value and is a wholly worthy investment." Christine Patriarca

‘ The things I've been able to directly observe energetically through this process astound me on a regular basis. It's much easier for me to "see" in my minds eye, or have a feeling for what I am responding to in a situation on any given day, and I'm not even finished with the course... Most importantly, I'm better able to observe when a frequency or emotion that I'm noticing is NOT mine. That way I can observe it, extend love and release it from my experience’. -Cat Lubin

Deffo a life changer for me and the sheep - I’m getting a much clearer autonomy with the business. Before the course although I had a plan for the breeding programme I wasn’t really thinking ‘business’, so with the daaps I’ve got clarity and separateness on them as a business and I’m thinking totally differently about the sheep. I’ve done the daaps with them in mind and one of the rams appear as the ‘leader’.

Also, it’s been quite hard mentally as things kicked up during daaps have to be processed, so my previous ideas/ values/ beliefs have gone out the window and my brain has had to work overtime to replace them. Which has led to amazing changes in my daily life.
My confidence has rocketed, my decision making clear as a bell, taking no crap from others and sailing over others’ emotional dramas effortlessly. (Before I would have got embroiled and tried to ‘help’).

Life seems easier, smoother, looking to myself, flying along above the crap which doesn’t seem to affect me anymore.

Emotional and past crap has come up but without the suffocating that usually goes with reliving it all. I don’t think I have put enough effort in to isolating issues but after the course I thought I would go back and do the daaps again more thoughtfully.

Basically if someone wants a higher perspective on themselves, their life, their business and a way to undo their knots and false understanding of the world, this course does just that... Before I started the daaps I was afraid that change would come too quick, too dramatic and rock my boat so much I’d fall out. But the changes have been Massive without any boat rocking. Yes the daaps are done on a Friday so I can have the weekend to sleep and adjust (needed) but the results are stunning.‘ - Isa Noller

I also really wanted to find a way to teach English abroad but for only a few weeks.... And with my kid...a friend suggested a website. I think I'll be able to do it next summer AND take my kid with me!!! My mind is blown! Didnt even think it was possible!! So all the really awesome things I want in my life are starting to show up!!! Its like magic!!! I'm telling you, your shit just works!!! Xoxoxoxo - Genevieve, Tennessee

I have been soaking in the Dynamic Power Protocol over the last few days WOWZER!.....I know my doors just got blown off my old life! I was walking downtown and all I could feel was like "Bring it on!" I am fucking ready! YES, GAME ON! Andrew, Canada.

I cannot thank Lys enough for the excellent work she has done on me and with me! It must be something like 3 years ago that I crossed paths with her when I was still in quite bad shape due to my personal situation. Seeing how far I have come since then with Lys' help and her classes and 1:1 work is simply amazing! Only now can I feel the huge difference between BEFORE and AFTER. :-) I took a long time of integrating, but I guess I have always been on the slow side (and not always doing my homework) and, besides, there was too much deep-going crap, seals, emotional wounds from the past etc. that needed removing and healing. I don't want to think about how much longer it would have taken to remove all this, had I not been guided towards her. I could have used this 10 years earlier! :-)
Now I do have a better and instant connection to my guides, trust more in the process (and I'm excited about what comes next), feel so much lighter without the heaviest of my past-life baggage and empowered to use my own tools and trust my intuition. Thank you so much, Lys!
Manja, Germany, currently Moscow

‘I had been working on my own past lives, karmic entanglements, and personal bullshit for years. When I found Ellyssa's work I learned the really horrible stuff turns into blocks or "seals". I was able to clear a few things on my own. But there were four I just couldn't reach. It was like needing stitches on your back. Yes, it felt that desperate! Because she really knows what she is doing, the process was so much easier than anything I had done on my own. It was also light years FASTER. She also facilitated my healing during our sessions. So I never felt bad or drained after. Which was astonishing to me. I had been doing this stuff for years and just thought feeling drained was "normal". Not when you have a professional to work with!!! Since I've had all my seals removed I feel like I'm breathing again. Like I've been let out of a prison!! And the spiritual work I do is so much bigger and stronger then I ever imagined possible!! I am in total alignment with my higher self (and the rest of the cosmos too). If you want to make the big shifts happen in your life, this is HOW YOU DO IT!!! I wish I had gotten her help 10 years ago!!!’

Genevieve Joyner, Tenessee

'Checking back in my calendar.... I believe it’s been almost 2 years ago that Lys showed up on my radar. Looking back, I have to laugh as to how innocent I was to WHAT I was signing up for!

Here I was, a 61 year old lady, Searching for something. What? Hell if I knew! I truly had no idea! All I DID know was that there “HAS to be More To My Life than what I was living. Actually looking back, I wasn’t Living, I was existing. Period.

SO the Universe had me cross paths with this young, whippersnapper, straight-shooter from the hip, blunt as all get out:
Elyssa Campbell! She would change my Life as I never dreamed possible! I had my seatbelt buckled & I was passed Ready!

From following Lys’ YouTubes to Facebook posting I liked what I saw, heard & felt. A fire was raging inside of me to get more. I NEEDED MORE LYS! I learned about ‘Dropbox’. I began signing up for her program offering such as: Groundings, Mother Earth, Multi Dimensional You to Miraculous Manifestation. Anything I could get my hands on really!

I had no idea WHERE I was going with all I was learning from Lys but I trusted my instincts & kept moving forward. There was a purpose for me, I just needed to Trust that I’d find it at the perfect time.

With Lys offering her 1:1 recently, I leapt at it knowing that this is what I Needed NOW! WOW! Working this closely with Lys has blown the sides of the box I was living in completely away! I’ve woken up my Claire’s! I’m Seeing clearly visions of past lives I’ve lived. I’m ‘Hearing’ my conversations with Ascended Masters & ArchAngels. I’m ‘Feeling’ sensations throughout my body to recognize which ArchAngle or Ascended Master I’m working with at that moment. I ‘Know’ things instantly. This knowledge is ‘just’ there. I understand immediately.

Now that I’ve been given all this clarity on so much I don’t worry about not knowing what the heck I’m to do with it all! It will be presented to me at the perfect time. Which means “Their Time”. All of this occurred over 2-3 weeks. As Lys says: Let it integrate! Don’t try to rush it. I can’t thank her enough for being a major part of Who I AM today! I am SO excited to experience whatever comes my way next! Buckle Up! It’s an Amazing Ride! - Laura Lyons Ormsby, Ohio.

On my digital courses:-
'Ellyssa Campbell you got the acceleration part right! Since I started your courses my life has taken off like a rocket. I have started my diploma course in dog behavior and psychology (my life's dream and now it's real) I'm changing so much so fast I can hardly keep up with myself. I have never felt so centered, calm and with a much clearer vision of why I am here. Never try to fit in, you said it yourself, our uniqueness is our prized quality and you have shown me not to be afraid of that. I'm so in and so excited' - Sarah Kennedy

On the 24 Strand DNA Activation, Realignment and Upgrade:-
'I started listening while I was laying down. As soon as I was escorted into the records, I remember hearing a choir of people singing. I thought you must have added background music and I really liked it, although I couldn't understand. Next someone was saying you should get out of the way now. I knew it meant so some work could be done. I feel into a peaceful blackness. I woke up several hours later.

So I thought I missed most of it. I listen again when I woke up so I could try to follow along and the second time. I had more visuals with the meditation the 2nd time and realized there wasnt any music on the recording. That's only happened to me 2 or 3 times in my whole life....that I think music is playing or people are singing when I'm in between wake and sleep....and then find out it was not in the physical realm.

I do feel very groggy today but not bad....like I need to sleep another 8 hours. I am very very thirsty and hungry!

I'll write you again if I notice anything else over the next few days. I know a lot shifted!! I think that's why I needed to get out of my body!!'...

...'I have to say, I'm just now feeling better. I was really out of it for a day or so. Very very groggy and sleepy and even a little achy. Very thirsty, very hungry for bread of all things....and salty stuff. Lol
But I feel like I'm waking up out of a daze. Like I'm shaking the dust from my wings!! That was a huge shift!!!Xoxox' Geneviève Joyner

'I'm so so very grateful Lys!!! It's been 24 hours since my 24 strand DNA activation and I'm still pain free. I had visions of all sorts of hands reaching in and removing the diseased parts from my liver. Shifts galore...I was actually able to get out of bed this morning and take my daughter to the park instead of being incapacitated. I feel alive again!!! Many, many thanks' Molly Brown Melton

'I've been quiet because I'm still integrating the changes. I felt so much energy for two days afterward then I decided to go to a bonfire and drink too much wine. Next day I was achy in my neck and shoulders. I loved it and kind of want to do it again.' Joan Braaten

'The 24-strand DNA activation and psychic energy surgery was (and is!!) AMAZING...!!! Lys, Spirit Guides, Psychic Surgeon and Source - thank you so, so incredibly much, for ALL of this!! It felt incredible and really is like nothing else. I literally felt as though I had had minor surgery afterwards, and it was an amazing experience also during it. I felt I was being held in place, lovingly and gently while also firmly, so that I wouldn't fall too far forward and at one point I even heard a voice telling me to relax my left arm, to help the process go much more smoothly. I also had my mouth open, as if receiving anaesthetic - though I was conscious of what was occuring, I couldn't stop it and knew that ultimately it didn't really matter anyway. It was more important to stay in the moment, breathe, know that it all was safe and to allow mySelf the gift of receiving. xx (And receive I did, also!!) Since then, things have sped up for me in my own growth and healing exponentially. I have been stepping into my power and found mySelf with a strong desire to take big steps in my Life and Business - things I would likely have previously held back with. Now, though, I am embracing these challenges and finding that on deeper levels than ever before, they really aren't things that need to stop me - even if they sound a little scary. I am connecting more with my Spirit team as well as incredible Ascended Masters and Guides I am being called to work with, and *all* of it means so much - the World!! Things are changing, and in such an amazing way - thank you for all of this, Lys, and for the gifts you bring in the work you do, for all of us and *always*!!!' - Christa Norris

On Miraculous Manifestation:-
Oh where do I start. This course is like nothing I have ever done. I have been in the personal development field for the last ten years and had my ass handed to me in one week by working through Miraculous Manifestation. The reboot continues to shift me every time I do it. Receiving the vision of my soul desire is huge and scary and exciting yet I feel more peaceful and divinely supported than ever before. In fact I am on holiday, working through the course again as I receive more details. If you have ever felt the calling to heal or make a difference or if you desire a closer relationship with your angels and guides, why haven't you signed up yet??? Oh and being in the private group where everyone gets you is amazing. All I can say is thank you Ellyssa Campbell for creating this course for us ❤

Anel Bester, NZ

On other work with me, including 1:1 and group work:-

'Working with Lys felt like magic.
Almost too easy and fun... But a return and reminder to how simple life can be when we don't complicate it! I appreciate her ability to tune in in an instant and to make this connection, clearing, healing, and hearing through Source accessible for anyone ready.
During my 8 weeks of her support, I felt lighter and more free each week. Even (especially) amidst going through trauma and turmoil.
As an empath and healing coach, I was struggling with my energetic boundaries, and this program helped clear that up for me and gave me practices to handle my energetic boundaries moving forward.
Lys is, indeed, a fun-stigator! The lightness of child-like energy she brings to her work and sessions is an invaluable lesson as well. How bright and sweet our inner children are when we let them out to play. :)
Thank you, Lys, for shining bright in your divine purpose, and thank you for the wonderful gift of working with unique you.'

A.H. , Florida

'Here is what I can tell you – before the reboot I was absolutely exhausted every single day. I simply couldn’t understand how on earth I could sleep all night and wake up feeling more drained than ever. And this happened night after night. I was also being attacked by birds on my bike rides which was freaking me out to say the least.

Now I’m a pretty optimistic person, but when you’re doing your mindset work, meditations and prayers and still feel like death warmed up, you start doubting not only yourself but everything you believe in.

Enter Lys Campbell. One of my teachers for this life. After the reboot I was expecting to feel tired but instead I felt wide awake! And I have ever since the reboot. No longer do I wake up tired in the morning. I feel ALIVE baby! I’m focussed and positive once again and life just seems to flow. I’m having a blast, meeting the right people to grow myself, new business opportunities are coming about AND a biggie for me, I am moving into a space of true forgiveness of the past. I’m feeling more present, I’ve stopped rushing and feel really loved and supported by the angelic realm.

In fact the impact was so quick and so uplifting that I’ve booked my husband in for a session  I cannot recommend this process enough and feel that with everything that’s happening in the world at the moment every person deserves to gift themselves with this healing.'

A.B. New Zealand

'thank you is not enough to express my emotions. My 1 hour session has transformed my life! For years I have been struggling to move forward in my life. No matter what I was following or studying, I just couldn't get that next step to my spiritual side. Angels, crystals, meditation chakra work...nothing took root. I was so doubting myself of everything! Then...
I told myself I will take only one more. If it didn't work I was done. Here comes Miss tell it Like it is, Lys! She was exactly what I needed to flip my world inside out and upside down....IN 1 HOUR!!!
I had no roots! I always felt lost. Moving all the time with my husbands work. Not grounded and this explained it all for me. I wasn't connected deep enough to Mother Earth to feel connected, loved, nurtured.
WOW is all I can say. Bazinga works, too.
After my session with Lys, I had a deep need to go for a drive. It was as if I had been watching my life in black and white and now as I drove around someone turned on the COLOR switch! The fall colors of the leaves were the brightest I've ever seen! Orange, yellow, salmon colors were everywhere! I've never seen the sky so blue before! I cried tears of joy, of finally taking that first step into my new life.
You are such a beautiful woman, spirit, teacher and A+ student to the group upstairs!
Thank you from the souls of my feet that are firmly grounded to Mother Earth.

L.L.O., Ohio

'My name is Susan Baillie and I have been working under the guidance of Lys for three months and in that time I have, through our work together grown in my own personal development. Her work with the Creator and spiritual beings has guided me through ridding myself of the baggage that was holding me back. The 'stuff' that gets in the way of seeing things as they truly are. She has guided me through blocks lhat lead to negative behavioural patterns that were constantly looping me back into areas that were no longer serving me and so preventing me from realising my true potential.
I am now more confident in who I am and have been able to overcome difficult areas in my life and given me a clearer understanding of how I approach this projection we call life. She offers me opportunities to develop as a light worker, working with energies, connecting to the Source and other beings, bringing a little more light into the world.
I have waited a long time for my mentor to arrive and I know I have chosen wisely for I now realise lhal I have a greater potential for doing 'good' in the world and if that means I help just one person to be on their way to their true awakening of who they are then I am content. I can see now that I do make a difference in the world and that is due to the direction that Lys has to offer.
Life itself holds great possibilities and each of us is dependent on the wider development of the world at large. We are a sacred part of the whole each with an important and rich offering to make. My personal offering comes because of the work I have undertaken with Lys.
Her abilities with working with activating specific areas and possibilities and so unblocking those regions in our lives that cause us the greatest challenge Is down to the hours of work she herself has dedicated to acquiring these skills.
I have grown and will continue to grow because of the important role Ellyssa Campbell as played in my life.
I know others will benefit greatly through her work both from her personal involvement and from those she has influenced to deliver practical guidance.
Thank you Lys.'

S.B., Yorkshire

'Dear Lys,

I simply cannot thank you enough for clearing the issues that have been holding me back! Yesterday after our session, I felt things begin to shift. I could see how everything I want in my life is mine for the choosing. Things suddenly became very clear - like I could really see myself, everyone, and everything around me clearly for the first time. Today - not even 24 hours after our session, I felt happy and peaceful for the first time in months. I woke up smiling! Then strange and exciting things began happening! I decided to have lunch with my son at his new school today. While there, I saw a flyer for available school district positions, which were not listed on their website. In fact, the deadline to apply was today, October 5. As I sat in the parking lot of my son's school reading the job flyer wondering if any of these jobs were for me, I looked up and saw that my parking space was number 111. Then as I was pulling into parking lot of the county building to apply for the open jobs, I wondered again if this was the right thing for me to do. I looked at the clock, it read 1:11. I applied for the position, so I'll have to wait and see what happens - I feel really good about it no matter the outcome! Another crazy thing that happened was that a luxury item I had been trying to sell for months on eBay finally sold! I couldn't believe it! I had listed the item time and time again and no one would buy it. Late last night before bed, I decided I would list it again - 11 hours later it sold!

I feel like for the first time the Universe has opened up and wrapped me in an enormous hug! Amazing!

Thank you for being YOU and bringing this modality to the Earth!! So many people are going to benefit from this!

Big huge love and blessings to you!!'

Sacha, Ohio

'I adore Lys’ work. What she is doing is so incredible, so simple and extremely powerful. I like working with her a lot. I myself help people to heal their houses, become more happy and healthy and live the best possible life. I have my own instruments and platform for lightwork. But we as lightworkers, also need a healer. And I come to Lys in hard times of transformation and growth periods. I learned so many things about myself during Akashic records readings with Lys, as well as during healing sessions with Archangel Michael, Arcturian healing etc. Lys helped me to be more self confident in what I do for people, find answers for my questions, solve money and abundance issues, clear tons of my blocks regarding boundaries, self-love and acceptance, family, relationships etc. And I really love the homework that she gives me after each session. And every time it is a new type of practice developed especially for me and for my needs. And what I truly appreciate is that most of instruments are developed by Lys in her daily life, working with her own energy and vibrations. That is why, all that she says and does, is filled with true experience, love, light, joy, confidence and positive healing energy. I am happy to know Lys and have opportunity to work with her. I always feel that helping hand is there for me, when needed. Thank you and many blessings to you Lys and your wonderful Team!'

Darya, Moscow

'I met Lys online in a forum related to a class we had both taken. Something she had posted caught my attention about the Akashic records and I scheduled a session with her on a bit of a whim (or with divine nudging as the case may be). During that session, not only did she and her team answer my most pressing questions, we connected enough that I felt guided to ask if we were supposed to work together more intensively. On a leap of faith, I signed on for her weekly coaching series and was delighted and impressed enough upon completion that I extended my sessions. Her coaching classes were well thought out and led me gently along on my personal journey with just enough balance. Thursday mornings became my favorite time of the week as it was time carved out just for me and my personal growth. There is no doubt in my mind that the tools, techniques, and knowledge she shared along with the energy work she along with our mutual and combined teams, brought me further along on my journey than I could have accomplished on my own in years, if ever. The whole experience was fun, rewarding, and just felt right. I appreciate Lys's "real person" approach, no judgement, humor, radiant smile, and yummy light energy. I'm in a period of practicing that which I have been taught during our sessions to bring myself more into alignment with my personal goals and higher self with a much deeper awareness and appreciation for what that actually means and for myself and my life in general. I carry with me still one of her sentiments that I am supported always and in all ways which is a gift that has no price.'

Debbie, Los Angeles

'When I found Ellyssa Campbell I had already taken a few spiritual type courses before and felt myself on a good path. The things I had learned prior to this was not all bad, but there was one KEY piece of information missing that not a single person had ever told me. I first paid for a Soul-Reading and learned that my soul type did not have the typical chakra system and because of this, I was not grounding properly. This was huge. She was able to tell me exactly what settings were needed for me and the results have been amazing. You may wonder, "What does not being properly grounded look like?" For me, it resulted in the information I was receiving from "Spirit" was actually coming from a rather mischievous being and it had been this way for a good year. It even created back-up for it's back-up to keep me blinded to this fact. After my reading I soon began with coaching and in just a little less than two months, all of my psychic blocks have been removed (as well as knowing how to remove any type of blocks myself now), I can easily access the Akashic Records, I have learned how to look at soul contracts (and un-cord and clear them), and am on my way to learning how to channel. Whether you are wishing for a stronger connection with Spirit for personal reasons or feeling like you're here to do more but don't know quite what that is, I encourage you to allow Ellyssa the opportunity to coach and help assist you on the right path. When I think of where I was prior to this to where I am now, I am deeply grateful.

Thank You,
Danielle B. '

'Dear Lys, thank you and your team so so much for the great healing you gave me. I had nearly instant results towards connecting with people with the same interest on Facebook as well as in general life. My passion is to bring Marisa Peers and Jeffrey Allens ideas into mainstream school, showing the kids how much power they have over their life's and how to protect themselfs from negative energy. I used to get barely any response on Facebook and people in general life would just smile. After your session I had commented on a Facebook entry where another person asked how to help children using energy tools and Marisa peers ideas. My response started an amazing discussion with Marisa joining in. It was great. Also I met another woman today on a Forest School skill share session who had very similar questions and we had a great discussion. I seem to have found my voice and my place and regained some of my enthusiasm for life again. And you generous maintenance tools are brill. Thank you again. You are amazing. Xxx Beate'

'I would highly recommend Lys for her coaching services and for hypnotherapy as well. I had a lot of anxiety and worry before starting sessions with Lys. Then after a number of sessions of hypnotherapy, I felt as though I was ready for the next step, life coaching. I'm so glad I did. In the life coaching, Lys, showed me and encouraged me to connect to my own guidance and trust what I was hearing and to follow their guidance. She even encouraged me to channel. I know I had done this before just didn't know the name for it and did it out loud for the first time with her. I have friends that knew me before working with Lys and afterward and they see so much growth within me as well. Since working with Lys, I feel more confident in connecting and hearing my guidance and I do feel like I've grown as well in that I have more peace and I'm able to deal with my anxieties or freak outs by myself or with my guidance's help. Big change as I used to reach out to others whenever I had freak outs'

- Lalita Flagg

'Lys has changed so much for me, when I first met her I was confused and afraid of the spiritual realm and anything that had to do with it. I was unsure about what to do, but Lys showed me the way. She is a wonderful coach who can help you learn how to manage your energy so you can live an easier life. But if you are looking for her help be prepared for the truth, how hard it may be. Lys told me the truth and through it she helped me.'

- A.H.O

"When i first came to Lys, I was in a state of high anxiety and stress - the source of which I found hard to pinpoint as it tends to come and go, often of it's own accord. After my second hypnotherapy session i started to feel remarkably more at ease with myself and focused on the present moment. Lys's goal orientated approach is motivating, and the hypnosis itself is wonderfully relaxing and empowering."

- Maxine Chutter

"Lys is an incredibly warm human being. She resonates with life & love & it comes across in the passion she puts into her work. Her gentle soothing voice & nurturing nature make her an ideal hypnotherapist. She provided me with gentle yet solution focused positive guidance throughout the course of my treatment. I went from having acute anxiety, being as low as a 2 on a scale of 1-10 of mood, to being around an 8-9 within ten weeks of treatment. I'm very grateful to Lys for her excellent course of hypnotherapy sessions, it's really helped me find peace & a route into my own positive vibration to guide me through life"

- Frances Mary

“ Two years ago I went through an extremely stressful period in my life in which I was traumatized, I developed stress related illnesses, Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks and Depression. I was in the fight or flight mode a lot of the time, which over a long period has had an exhausting affect on my brain, resulting in very poor memory and a general feeling of mental incapacity. This has had a massive impact on all areas of my life, it has been so frustrating and there have been so many goals I that haven’t been able to achieve due to the lack of mental energy and motivation.
When I started receiving Hypnotherapy from Lys I wasn’t sleeping well and would wake up feeling sick with anxiety the moment I opened my eyes every morning, I started listening to the Hypnotherapy relaxation mp3 from Lys every evening and gradually started to notice a change, I was sleeping much deeper, then the sick feeling went away, I noticed my brain actually started to kick back into gear and my memory improved. I have found Lys to be a highly motivated and capable Hypnotherapist, her genuine intention to help others to make improvements in their health and wellbeing is what drives her in her work, I can say without any hesitation that my life has definitely improved phenomenally since receiving ten Hypnotherapy treatments from Lys, I am a lot calmer and self-assured, I have started to work on my goals and I am capable of moving forward in my life with confidence and clarity.Thank You Lys you are wonderful"

- S.G.