Unfuck Yourself

Relationships, creativity, sex, business.

All of these external subjects take a beating when you’re out of alignment with your self. And this can happen at any and all stages of life. From when you feel like a rank amateur up to when you have achieved (on the surface) enormous success.

And surface success will never feel truly satisfying if underneath you are everyday swimming through what feels like a thick pool of tar which leaves you exhausted, flat, angry, like you’re stuck in deja vu or Groundhog Day of the same emotional upsets presenting themselves in slightly different formats, but it all feels so familiar.

And this is when you know you need a major pattern interrupt, one that goes deep, shifts your bedrock foundations in such a way that you will not continue to relive the same feelings of hopelessness, despair, repetition, boredom, dissatisfaction, limp, self chastising weakness and frustration, the ‘meh’ of ‘I’ve achieved this bit so Fucking what? because I am still not happy really even though I pretend to be’.

When you’re unhappy at some fundamental level that you can’t put your finger on, you self medicate in an attempt to distract yourself from the problem. You become the destructive force and knock down that which you have created because you don’t know how to get past this endless repetition of the same unseen block that shows itself one way or another, over and over.

You reach a certain level of mostly illusory power and then hit self destruct, over and over. This could look like relationships imploding, addiction issues, impotence, creative blocks, rage and violence directed towards others in an ultimately destructive way that takes you down in the process, business collapse, financial ruin following massive financial growth. There are many ways that your core traumas can play out over and over.

And until the energetic roots are dealt with properly the cycle of whatever your particular fuckery is will continue. Boom and bust. Fleeting happiness followed by self destructive misery, drama, anxiety and depression.

The thing is you don’t have to keep playing out the same cycles and patterns.

You can relight your fire in such a way that such cycles become a thing of the past.

And that is where I come in.

My abilities and genius when working with you is to bring you back to life, with new solid foundations free from the cracks and instability caused by trauma, in such a way that feels easy, fun, POWERFUL and freeing.

To breathe life into you, and create deep shifts and transformation from your DNA up, through all parts of you in such a way that your enthusiasm for life, your art, your relationships (both romantic and platonic) is reborn.

YOUR FIRE IS RELIT. And it burns BRIGHTER than ever before.

How we do this is through a bespoke 1:1 journey and experience which is designed intuitively especially for you to fit your soul desires, your circumstances and your actual needs.

This can range from working together online to in person intensive with online support, an adventure in foreign lands to being visited on your home turf.

And the only way to decide on this is for us to speak. You will need to ensure that you have the minimum investment amount available now, or the means to get it immediately, and are ready to fully commit to the journey, even if it scares you a little (tbh all true growth comes from a place of shitting yourself just a little bit at least, for whatever reason, so do not take fear as being a sign to say no).

Your evolution is assured provided you are fully committed. Your success is also determined by your commitment. Your adventure and the way we play is in my hands and shaped by the extremely powerful tools I wield (and I’m fun to play with)

Are you ready?


Clients who have worked with me in the past have experienced:-

Going from the verge of bankruptcy to consistent $14k months

Mending relationships with family that were previously considered a lost cause

Unexpected opportunities from out of nowhere that have grown their businesses and solidified their reputation as being a ‘go to’ source of transformation through their own energetic modalities.

Bringing through their own unique healing modalities.

Considerable opening of their metaphysical abilities from almost completely shut down to open and available on tap with immense clarity as a result.

Successfully selling a house that previously could barely be given away.

Being given the doctors all clear after a serious disease diagnosis which was found to be rooted in father issues which we dissolved.

Successful sale of a flock of sheep that previously had proven almost impossible to sell (complete with magazine articles written about aforementioned sheep which case ‘out if the blue’)

Greater sense of personal purpose along with deep understanding of personal strategy to achieve this.

Better sex, greater orgasms, and an entirely new perspective on sex, love and relationships.

What you can probably gather from reading these above examples is that your desires are achievable with ease, grace and yes, even fun when we choose to work together. Along with a massive opening of your consciousness so that you better understand yourself and your power at a deep level along with aforementioned results.

The more conscious you become, and the deeper you go, the more everything opens up for you.

If you are bored of struggle and understand that there is a better way but you hadn’t yet found it, congratulations because you are now looking at what you had been searching for by coming here.

What are you waiting for? The only thing you have to lose are your limitations.

To apply simply email lys@dynamicintention.net or connect with me on Facebook and send me a private message.