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Welcome to Dynamic Intention
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These are my three main core frequencies and they fuel the ethos behind my work as well as the work itself.
Quite simply put, I have deep understanding from my very core, my heart, that transformational change and embodying your limitless nature doesn’t have to be hard or even take a long time.
Many would argue with this because they are not built the way that I am and their intentions and perspective are fuelled by different foundations, and their genius does not lie in the same area as mine.
I am an engineer in my understanding of how things work. I have pulled apart and reverse engineered all of the issues I now help others with.
A vast cauldron of personal experience coupled with genius capabilities in the form of elemental manipulation which is one of my personal genius super powers, and orgasmic creation (another one) and director of co-creation (another one) means that I not only am able to quickly and easily understand how and why you are stuck in a less than full powerful personal expression, but also exactly what needs dealing with in order to resolve this, how your abilities can be used to their best advantage and who you would collaborate with to best advantage to maximise both enjoyment and profit. All whilst having a fucking good time, because after all, life is actually supposed to be fun even if that hasn’t been your experience of it up till now.
All of this is innate and intuitive for me. I did not read books or learn other people’s formulas or templates or ‘blueprints’ to be able to do what I do (although i have read a lot of books and learned a lot of things just because learning has always been a passion of mine and one that has never waned). My ability to take an accepted timeframe on dealing with a problem and collapse it is dare I say the most advanced and efficient on the planet at this time.
Where others take the scenic route out of necessity and, dare I say, an addiction to earning results and needless suffering I find shortcuts that work, the way to ride the wormhole and win in incredibly short amounts of linear time, for those that are brave enough to leave behind their sense of self definition through misery and properly commit to creating a brave new world for themselves which is defined by joy, prosperity, ease and personal power.
I work with all parts of you. This is not mindset work. Or reiki for that matter.
This is comprehensive, thorough and fast, because these values align with my core frequencies and are the most joyful for me to express. I also crack jokes along the way and remind you that life is in fact a hilarious comedy if you allow yourself to see it that way.
There are three ways to work with me:
Via my group program ‘Make Money Your Bitch’ and other digital offerings.
One to one with ‘Unfuck Yourself’ which is a combination of in person and online and provides the deepest dive with my undivided attention as your ally.
Or via one of the experiential adventure retreats that I have coming up in collaboration with various different people.
Whatever your current income capacity we have you covered if the desire of working with me is what is pulling you here.
There is no excuse not to shift.
There is no reason not to shift.
And you? You are the deciding factor in all of this.
You are the one that gets to decide, to commit, to pay and to play.
And to walk away at the end knowing who you really are and actually open to creating, being and receiving the best that life has to offer which thrills your soul.
This means outcomes such as the following (all based on actual results my 1:1 clients have received):-
Going from almost certain bankruptcy and zero money to consistent $14k of income per month and growing
Selling houses that just wouldn't sell previously
Starting businesses that were just an idea after 3 years of unemployment
Healing family relationships that were previously considered a lost cause and broken beyond repair
Reinvigorating romantic relationships that had previously been at death's door so to speak
Rejuvenating energy and enthusiasm for life
Creative blocks blown to smithereens
New job offers where previously none were forthcoming
Greater creative vision than had ever before previously been consciously acknowledged and a clear path to execution because of FLOW
Promotions where none had been on the table previously
Windfalls and unexpected money showing up
Serious physical illness cleared and confirmed gone by doctors
Weight loss and intuitive eating activated in alignment with individual physical needs, activated from within.
Psychic abilities including clairs re-opened from being previously dormant or unknown
To enquire about 1:1 work, simply email lys@dynamicintention.net