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I am an energetic life and business consultant and oracle. If you are feeling stuck in any way or are floundering in your life or business, my work deals with the underlying energetic causes of this stuckness on all levels, opening you up to greater awareness, and enabling you to move forwards confidently, put simply i get shit moving in the right direction even if it has come to a complete standstill, and creation flowing so that you create your bigger visions more easily
This means outcomes such as the following (all based on actual results my 1:1 clients have received):-
Going from almost certain bankruptcy and zero money to consistent $14k of income per month and growing
Selling houses that just wouldn't sell previously
Starting businesses that were just an idea after 3 years of unemployment
Healing family relationships that were previously considered a lost cause and broken beyond repair
Reinvigorating romantic relationships that had previously been at death's door so to speak
Rejuvenating energy and enthusiasm for life
Creative blocks blown to smithereens
New job offers where previously none were forthcoming
Greater creative vision than had ever before previously been consciously acknowledged and a clear path to execution because of FLOW
Promotions where none had been on the table previously
Windfalls and unexpected money showing up
Serious physical illness cleared and confirmed gone by doctors
Weight loss and intuitive eating activated in alignment with individual physical needs, activated from within.
Psychic abilities including clairs re-opened from being previously dormant or unknown
There are several different ways to work with me, either via the digital courses and packs in the shop, or plunging in to the full experience of working with me 1:1. All details can be found via the relevant menu headings above
To enquire about 1:1 work, simply email lys@dynamicintention.net